Poachers Pocket

Walcott Road,
Norwich NR12 0LS
+44 1692 650467

Restaurant & Bar

“Delicious food for all occasions – from romantic dinners to family meals – all prepared with love by our experienced chef!”

At the Poachers We serve food all-day

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Experience the Best in Drinks at Poachers Pocket

Authentic Atmosphere

Step into our cozy pub and enjoy the old-world charm and atmosphere of a traditional public house. We provide a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Best Drinks Around

Our bar stocks an impressive selection of drinks, from classic beers to handcrafted cocktails and wines. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the perfect drink for any occasion.

Family Friendly Vibes

We offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that welcomes families, couples, and groups alike. Enjoy great music, fun conversations, and delicious food with us!

Amazing!! I’ve had a lovely stay in the chalets this weekend at the Poacher’s Pocket. The room was very clean, had all the necessities, and most of all a beautiful view! We also used the pub where the staff where helpful and friendly and the food was amazing. Would definitely recommend!!
"Trip Advisor Review"
We called into the poachers pocket for a drink with are cockerpoo barney. The lady who greeted us at the entrance was so warm and friendly and the gentleman behind the bar also. We had drinks and what a lovely touch they gave us a dog goody box with a blanket, dog treats and a water bowl. We really enjoyed the warm friendly atmosphere. Many thanks
"Trip Advisor Review"






White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand

A pronounced plate of gooseberry and citrus fruit with a refreshing finish

£5.20 - 125ml

£6.10 - 175ml

£7.90 - 250ml

£20.85 - 75cl

Chardonnay – Australia Full

fruity wine with a plate of lemon and apple

£4.90 - 125ml

£5.60 - 175ml

£7.10 - 250ml

£18.40 - 75cl

Pint Grigio – Italy

Crispy and refreshing with the harmonic balance of fruit and acidity

£5.20 - 125ml

£5.95 - 175ml

£7.45 - 250ml

£19.95 - 75cl

Sparkling Wines


Fruity, elegant, clean, and typically aromatic

£21.95 - 75cl

Prosecco-One for One – Italy 200ml

Light and refreshing with clean citrus fruit


Rose Wines

Rose – France

Ripe vibrant rose, with red berry and cranberry fruit

£5.20 - 125ml

£6.20 - 175ml

£7.95 - 250ml

£20.85 - 75cl

Zinfandel Blush – USA

Delightful summer fruits with an uplifting touch of sweet on the finish

£4.95 - 125ml

£5.95 - 175ml

£7.45 - 250ml

£19.45 - 75cl

Red Wines

Merlot – Chile

Smooth well-rounded merlot, showing rich plum and damson flavours and a lovely silky finish

£4.95 - 125ml

£5.95 - 175ml

£7.45 - 250ml

£19.45 - 75cl

Shiraz – Australia

Rich and spicy with juicy black fruit flavours

£4.95 - 125ml

£5.95 - 175ml

£7.45 - 250ml

£19.45 - 75cl

Malbec – Argentina

Aromas and flavours of baked bramble fruits and fruit of the forest with a twist of cinnamon

£5.10 - 125ml

£6.10 - 175ml

£7.60 - 250ml

£19.90 - 75cl

Rioja Senorial Tempranillo – Spain

Red fruit bouquet, balance, and structure

£5.35 - 125ml

£6.35 - 175ml

£7.85 - 250ml

£20.95 - 75cl

Breakfast is Served Daily From 9 AM -11 AM

Traditional English Breakfast £10.95

Fried egg, bacon rashers, sausages, mushrooms, baked beans, and hash browns served with toast.



🟠 🟢 Lentil Soup £6.95

🟠 🟢 Leal and Potato £6.95


⚪ 🟡 Kibbeh £7.95
Made of bulgur (Cracked wheat), finely ground onion, lamb, and spices then shaped into balls and filled with minced meat and onion.

🔴 Beef Soujk £7.95
Ground spiced fermented meat served with mixed leaves and topped with pomegranate sauce

⚪ 🔵 Marinated Chicken Wings £7.00
Served with Garlic Sauce


🔵 Prawn Cocktail £9.95

Served with wholemeal bread

⚪ 🔵 White Bait with Tartare Sauce £8.95


🟢 🟠 Hummus £6.00

Chickpea puree with sesame paste (Tahina) and lemon juice served with pitta bread

🟢 🟠 Vine Leaves £6.95
Vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes, parsley, a blend of
spices, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh lemon juice

🔵 🟢 Baba Ghanoush £6.50
Grilled aubergines puree mixed with sesame paste (Tahina)
and lemon juice and olive oil dressing served with pitta bread

🔵 🟢 Feta Cheese Salad £6.95
Mixed fresh leaves, tomatoes, and olives tossed in lemon juice and olive oil

⚪ 🟠 🔵 Breaded Garlic Mushrooms £6.95

🔵 🟢 Halloumi Sticks with Cranberry Dip £8.75

🔵 🟢 Beetroot and Goats Cheese Salad £7.50
Mixed fresh leaves, tomatoes, and onion tossed in lemon juice and olive oil

⚪ Contains Gluten

🟢 Vegetarian

🟠 Vegan

🔴 Hot

🔵 Dairy

🟡 Contains Nuts

Light Bites


Served With Salad Garnish And Potato Crisps

⚪ 🔵 Tuna Mayo £8.95

⚪ 🟢 🔵 Cheese and Onion £8.95

⚪ 🔵 Sausage and Onion £9.95


🟢 🟠 Rice £3.50

🟢 🟠 ⚪ Chips £3.95

⚪ 🔵 Pitta Bread £1.75

⚪ 🔵 Garlic Bread £4.95

🔵 Cheesy Chips £5.45

⚪ 🔵 Cheesy Garlic Bread £5.45

⚪ Sweet Potato Fries £4.95

🟢 🔵 Homemade Red Slaw £3.50

⚪ 🔵 Homemade Onion Rings £3.95

🟢 🟠 Side of Seasonal Vegetables £3.95


Served With Marie Rose Sauce.
Free Ice Cream For Children Only.
A choice of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry with sprinkles and sauce.

⚪ 4oz Burger and Chips

Sausage with Chips

🔵 ⚪ Fish Fingers with Chips

🔵 ⚪ Chicken Nuggets with Chips


🟢 🟠 Lasagne Served with Chips and Salad £13.95

🟢 🟠 Vegan Burger Served with Relish Chips and Salad Garnish £12.95


Served With Red Slaw and Salad

🟢 🔵 Cheese £8.95

🔵 Prawn Mayo £10.95

🔵 Tuna and Mayo £9.95

🟢 🔵 Cheese and Beans £9.00

⚪ Contains Gluten

🟢 Vegetarian

🟠 Vegan

🔴 Hot

🔵 Dairy

🟡 Contains Nuts

Main Dishes


Grilled Sea Bream Fish £18.95

Oven-baked whole fish served on a bed of salad and crushed potato

⚪ 🔵 Fish Platter – Whitebait, Peeled Prawns
Calamari Red Slaw and Chips £18.95

⚪ 🔵 Fish and Chips served with Peas £13.95
(Beer Battered Cod)

⚪ 🔵 Scampi served with Chips, Peas and
Salad Garnish £13.95


🔴 ⚪ 🔵 Chicken Curry £13.95
Served with Basmati Rice and Papadum or Pitta bread

Chicken Shawarma £14.95
Tender slices of grilled chicken marinated in shawarma
spices served with salad and a choice of rice or chips

🔵 Chicken Breast served with a Creamy
Leek and Bacon Sauce Crushed Potatoes
and Vegetables £ 16.95

⚪ 🔵 Chicken Burger served with Mayo, Salad
Garnish and Chips £11.95


Lambs liver  £15.95

Cooked with bacon and served with creamy mashed potato

⚪ 🔵 Beef Lasagne £13.95
Served with chips and Salad

Lamb Kofta £15.95

Grilled lamb kofta with tomato base sauce served with salad and a choice of rice or chips

⚪ 🔵 Steak and Ale Pie served with Chips and Peas £13.95

Lamb Shank Slow Roasted served with Crushed Potatoes , Vegetables and Minted Gravy £18.95

⚪ 🔵 Homemade Pressed 8oz Burger served with Relish , Chips and Salad Garnish £13.50

Choose a topping of cheese or Bacon for an extra 70P


🟢 🟠 🔴 Vegetable Curry £12.95

Served with Basmati Rice and Papadum or Pitta bread

🟢 🟠 Stuffed Peppers £12.95

Hollowed peppers stuffed with rice, onion, parsley, mint, a
blend of spices, tomato paste, olive oil and lemon juice

🟢 🟠 ⚪ Vegetable Lasagne £ 12.95
Served with chips and Salad

⚪ Contains Gluten

🟢 Vegetarian

🟠 Vegan

🔴 Hot

🔵 Dairy

🟡 Contains Nuts



  • Apple Tart with Crumble Topping served with a choice of Cream, Ice Cream or Custard
  • Triple Chocolate Brownie served with Cream or Ice Cream
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding served with Cream , Ice Cream or Custard
  • Belgian Chocolate Fudge Cake served with Ice Cream 🟠
  • Strawberry Cheesecake Served with Ice Cream


  • Eton Mess – Strawberries, Meringue Pieces, Strawberry, and Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Cream
  • Chocolate Delight – Brownie, Fudge Pieces, Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Cream
  • Lemon Lush – Crumble, Lemon Curd, Lemon Meringue Ice Cream with Cream
chocolate-brownies-brownies-cake-food-preview (1)


Served With Ice Cream
Made of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and soaked in honey



with a choice of :
Strawberry / Chocolate / Caramel Sauce or Raspberry
Dairy Free/Gluten Free/Vegan Ice Cream Vanilla and Chocolate