Poachers Pocket

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The Poachers Pocket Bacton Story

Standing Since 1920…

Poachers Pocket Bacton

Image By Drone

Built-in the late 1880s as a private house, the Poachers Pocket (formally the Beech Bough) has seen many changes over the past 130 years.

When it was built, it was a fair distance from the sea.

Many years ago, there used to be farmers’ fields and once an orchard at the back.
During the 20th century, storms and very high tides took what cliffs and fields there were away.

After the floods of 1953, a sea wall was built to help keep the sea away.
The Landscaping scheme in the summer of 2019 should help for many years to come.

For further information in the history of Bacton and the local area. please follow the link to the Bacton History Group Facebook page: